In this times that we have to live in, it is more convenient/efficient to use RAM memory to do I/O intensive operations instead hitting the HDD, or wearing off our precious SSD drives.

James Coyle wrote a good article explaining what a RAM disk is and why you should use it.

I wrote a simple yet useful puppet module to assist me in my every day tasks with RAM drives, I hope someone can use it too.

Use this command to install the latest compatible version:

puppet module install facastagnini-ramdrive


# logdir in ram
$log_path = '/var/log/ipsec'
ramdrive { $log_path:
  size       => '100M',
  mode       => '0750',
  owner      => 'root',
  group      => 'adm',
  notify     => Service[$strongswan::service_name],
  require    => Package[$strongswan::package],
# mount a ramdrive for each temporary folder
ramdrive { [
  size    => '50M',
  mode    => 0770,
  recurse => true,
  owner   => $owner,
  group   => $group,
  require => File["${project_dir}/app/storage"]

You can find related information here: